Associate Digital Producer


27 Sep 2021



Invoy was founded to empower individuals to take control of their health at home. Invoy gives people the tools, the data and the support structure to be healthy. For too long weight loss been plagued by loosely formed hypotheses with little underlying proof. Invoy has a goal of disrupting an industry that impacts hundreds of millions of lives.

Invoy uses breath chemistry to customize your wellness program. Invoy’s system is designed to make changes when your preferences change or your body has adapted to a program that was once effective for you. Your exhaled breath contains hundreds of chemicals that are released from your blood through your lungs. Fat metabolism is one of those items that can be measured and with its device the Invoy system is able to measure chemicals in your breath to determine if you are burning fat. Invoy’s team of dedicated analysts review your data every day to provide timely recommendations on how to achieve your goals. The Invoy system generates data-driven, personalized recommendations to help you reach your weight loss goal.

Invoy is a well-funded private company backed by top-tier venture capital firms known for their successes in the medical technology industry. We are actively hiring in all departments, but especially in engineering, to support a nationwide rollout with a Fortune 25 company along with several other large enterprise accounts.


  • Facilitate the scheduled creation, workflows, iteration and/or hand-off of critical path design deliverables that inform Invoy's digital and/or physical product affordances, content and sales & marketing collateral necessary to articulate Invoy's unique value propositions to key stakeholders.
  • Plan the sequencing and scheduling of design-specific hand-offs in synchronization with the larger Invoy product roadmap which balances multidisciplinary input from sales, marketing, engineering, product management and design.
  • Ensure and maintain a high-standard of quality by verifying that specific design iterations meet the latest design guiding principles and product feature requirements in coordination with the larger Invoy team and key functional stakeholders (e.g. sales, marketing, engineering, product management, design, etc.).
  • Organize design asset libraries and canvases within cloud-based repositories (e.g. Figma, Box, etc.) to accommodate effective knowledge management within the Invoy Design Team.
  • Assist the Invoy Design Team with asset coordination, production and vendor surveillance demands to ensure digital and physical assets are created in direct alignment with Invoy's design and product roadmaps.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary problem solving to inform strategy and roadmaps, while quickly pivoting into execution mode to ensure the Design Team tracks its progress against a rationale plan for creation, sequencing, hand-off and/or asset staging.


  • Undergraduate from an advertising, marketing and/or graphic design discipline
  • Diverse experience running creative digital projects with a strong results orientation, overseeing the creation of digital assets within a design organization, and facilitating planning & execution across multidisciplinary teams.
  • Mastery with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and Google's cloud-based suite of applications
  • Mastery with Figma and InVision cloud-based iteration, collaboration and prototyping with copy-related contributions